Many thanks to the WordPress developers who interrupted your visit today with an intrusion of the Real World. This site is part of the Digital Climate Strike!

On Friday, September 20, 2019 (and the days following), millions of young people and their older allies march out of their workplaces and schools to demand solutions to the Climate Crisis.

They remind us that there are just a few years for humans to solve the problems that fossil fuels have gotten us into. They demand solutions. I stand with them. We need a Just Transition that protects working people, and a Green New Deal to solve the problem.

Want to take part? Visit to find an action in your town. At the latest count, there were strike activities planned in over 2500 cities and towns in 162 countries.

Let’s all go to work.

2 thoughts on “A Few Words on the Global Climate Strike

  1. I’ve always considered you a smart guy, Michael, and not saying I’ve changed my mind. Of course the climate is changing. It changes all the time, and man maybe even has had something to do with it, but not to the point where we have to listen to the fearmongers like AOC–The Green New Deal? Come ON, Michael, give me a break!
    I accept that you are on the other side, but I wish that YOU would take a look at the OTHER other side.

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