Michael made me really think about how I wrote software based on how he interpreted what we were doing… He is well educated and really knows how to convey to others about how software works in general…

Joel Watson

Mike is an absolute pleasure to work with. He has an incredible knowledge of WordPress and the tech world and can take some of the most complex issues and write about them in a highly informative and entertaining way.

Raelene Morey, former editor, WPMUDev

Michael and I are co-authors of WordPress in Depth. His deep subject knowledge, easy to read and enlightening writing style, and good humor help him to stand out among my many collaborators in 25 years of writing books about technology. I’d recommend Michael to anyone.

Bud Smith

Michael developed the online help for several product we both worked on. His understanding of his users and his ability to provide them with the appropriate level of product knowledge always impressed me.

Michael Stieber