Cover: Build Your Author PlatformIf you’ve ever wanted to make a career as a book author, or simply want to improve your social-media savvy, mark the date: May 13, 2014. This is when BenBella Books releases Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules, by my marvelous agent and collaborator, Carole Jelen and yours truly.

What is Build Your Author Platform, you ask? A 14-step guide to finding an audience for your writing, nurturing that audience, and selling your books to them when the time comes. Among other things, we’ll tell you how to make Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn work for you.

Welcome to

Friday, the book’s website went live! On the site, you can:

Can’t wait to see the trailer? Oh, alright, here it is:

Carole and I firmly believe this book will help any writer — published or not, Interested in traditional publishing or the indie/self-publishing route — establish authority, build an audience, and ideally sell a lot of books (paper or electrons) in the process.

Counting Down to May 13

Perhaps you noticed the countdown ticker over on the right side of the page. As time keeps flowing, you’ll see more stuff happening around here. I’ll be adding more information about the book over on the Books page in the coming days. Watch this site and for events, giveaways and other fun stuff.

Please visit the site, and share widely! Thanks!

If you have questions about the book, getting started with your author platform or social media in general, feel free to comment here, or drop me a line.

If you’re in Milwaukee this Saturday, and especially if you write (for a hobby, for a living, or somewhere in between), I hope to see you at WriteCamp 5 in beautiful Bay View on the southeast side of town.

Besides my talk on “Building Your Author Platform Through Google Authorship,” you can find sessions on these and many other topics (click the title for more information on each topic):

The unconference format means there’s still time for you to prepare your own session too. WriteCamp is for all writers of all kinds, and all levels of experience. We have a lot of fun — and thanks to the sponsors, it’s all Free of charge (even lunch).

See you Saturday at:

Mercy Hill @ The Hide House
2625 S Greeley St,
Milwaukee, WI 53207
Registration (and pancakes) starts at 9AM. Sessions start at 10AM and go till 6PM. Come and go as you please.

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