Focus, branding, search engine optimization… optimization schmoptimization, we say! Who says you can’t blog on whatever tickles your fancy? The key is to find the focus in your lack of focus.


When I started blogging more than a decade ago, I really wanted to blog about anything that crossed my mind. The odd thing was that most of the things crossing my mind were about technology and software.

Now that I am conscious about using a blog to build my authority about topics I write about, I think hard before writing about other things that cross my mind, or just aren’t about open source software or the Internet. As you build your platform with your blog, you may encounter that dread “I’m losing focus” feeling in your head. Michelle Weber at’s The Daily Post reminds you that often, your audience follows you just because you’re you!

To reconcile these contradictory urges, Michelle gives some great tips for allowing your readers to focus on the topics they want to — and let everyone else enjoy everything you represent.

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