Progressive Web Apps: How They’ll Change Your WordPress Business

This story made the business case for making your responsive WordPress website into a Progressive Web App. This technique allows your visitors to place your site on their mobile desktop for easy access. I followed it with a step-by-step HowTo on the process.

What the New Webmention and Annotation W3C Standards Mean for WordPress

I’ve become something of a standards geek. The key to the success of the Open Web is that everyone can get a very similar experience, no matter what tool they use to reach the web. The standards that I covered here focus on interaction between users and sites (annotation) and between sites (webmention). Stuff worth knowing about.

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How to Add Medium’s Most Popular Features to WordPress

When laid off a bunch of staff, folks had a reasonable question whether the site would survive very long. The WordPress community aimed to make it easier to jump from Medium to WordPress without sacrificing features. They gained control over their content too. Here, I offered something like a “How to leave Medium” guide.


a fiery version of the Creative Commons logo

A Guide to Sharing Your WordPress Images with Creative Commons

This article explains the Creative Commons process and why it’s useful for web-based content. I offer a step-by-step guide to applying Creative Commons licenses to your own photographs and other images. The story was included in WPMUDev’s year-end social media campaign in 2017.