Learn four reasons writers might want to use Pinterest, how to best use the platform, and best practices to get the most traction for your work.

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Yes, writers can benefit from the “pretty pictures” site, says Kirsten Oliphant (@kikimojo).

Be aware, though: “If you do not have an author platform built on teaching people how to write, Pinterest may not work as effectively as it would for those solving a problem. But the platform can be a great tool for your research and planning. The added bonus is that it provides that peek behind the curtain many fans love. It’s like sharing an intimate view of your planning process for your readers.”

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DBW blogger Chris Syme breaks down how an author can manage their social media marketing schedule.

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Managing your platform-building time can be a real struggle. Chris Syme helps you figure it out. Really nice article, and one I can readily endorse.

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Putting “quality, not quantity” to the test.

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Interesting stuff. For the platform builder, though, one take-away could be that knowing your audience is even more important than treating the results of random surveys as gospel. Try your own test, and listen to your own results.

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