Go check out my latest story for WPMU, with the self-explanatory headline: “Thinking About Getting a .blog Domain Name? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Starting November 21, 2016, you can have a website with a *.blog address (instead of .com, or whatever). This story offers some ideas for why you might just want to get in line for this opportunity.

WordCamp Milwaukee is coming

While writing this story, I decided to send this topic as a possible presentation at WordCamp Milwaukee. If the talk is accepted, come bring your questions to the UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education on the weekend of September 17-18!

Seal of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

If you’ve got your own idea for a talk about anything WordPress, send it in by early morning Thursday, August 25. See this post for some ideas, this post to urge you — yes, you, and  then fill out the form here.

Are you thinking about getting a .blog address? Why, or why not? Say so in the Comments. If you have questions about WordCamp Milwaukee, feel free to ask here too.

Written by Chris Anderson, curator of TED, this book is aimed at anyone with a great idea to share.

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In Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules, we suggest using TED Talks as a model for adding public speaking to your platform-building arsenal. It shouldn’t be a surprise that TED agrees.


I have not yet read Chris Anderson’s book, but I’m pretty confident it will expand on our themes, and help writers develop their ideas to share with a live audience.

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“Ways to come up with blog post ideas that your readers want.”

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A writer’s platform is about two things: Finding the audience you want to serve, and effectively serving those folks. The folks from Freelance Writing Jobs offer some useful sites here, along with other ways to come up with blog post ideas that your readers want.

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