I’m a writer. I’m a computer user. I’ve combined those characteristics for more than two decades, helping other computer users be more efficient and effective. See my portfolio.

Author Michael McCallister
Author Michael McCallister


I’ve been publishing on WordPress for 10+ years. WordPress is the easiest and most powerful way to build your home on the Web, but sometimes the choices can be overwhelming.  I write articles that simplify those choices and have built sites for others as well.


Installed Corel Linux (yes, there was such a thing) in 2000. Have been running the free, open-source operating system at home ever since. I’m a member of the openSUSE Community since writing openSUSE Linux Unleashed, I’ve played with most flavors. I bring the same user-focus to describing and helping readers get the most from Linux and its applications.

The Open Web

I fell in love — hard — with the Internet in the mid-1990s. My first tech articles for Milwaukee’s Shepherd Express weekly focused on various virtual communities responses to current events. Back then, “virtual communities” meant Usenet and Listservs. Today, I cover and comment on the fight for the open web at my blog, Notes from the Metaverse. Click the Metaverse tab above to have a look.

Software Documentation

Often, helping others be more effective and efficient means working with people who write software. I learn how software works, and explain what I learn to ordinary users. I call this process “translation from the geek.” I’ve written documentation for software you can buy at WalMart and office supply stores. Worked on projects for software that banks use, that help technicians use the MRI scanner properly, and edited privacy policies for the Milwaukee Health Department. I can help you too.

Want to know more about me? I wrote this extended bio that you might find interesting.