Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Ignore the Metrics

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Goodness, this is a marvelous piece! Fave quote (though there are many) emphasis added:

“Here’s the thing: If you write, it can be very tempting to do as the big players do: follow the best practices, A/B test your headlines, and otherwise let metrics mutate your style until you’ve gone from being a writer to being a copywriter. But an eyeball isn’t an eyeball. Not to you. You’re a person, not a company. You can’t re-brand, merge, or pivot. If you try to write like a corporation’s social media generation team, you will burn out your voice faster than a coloratura soprano at the horse track.”

David Moldawer agrees with the message of Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules: The most important thing about building a writer platform is to be yourself!

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