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Genuinely excited to be participating in this event at Web414. A bunch of Milwaukee folks gathering to talk about WordPress. If you can be in Milwaukee on January 13, click the link to RSVP—It’s free!

I think I’ll be talking about the new features of WordPress 3.1, which just may be out by then.

Here’s the blurb:

What is “The Ultimate WordPress Showdown” you say? Well, it’s a damn catchy title. We hope to have Mike McCallister, Mike MacAllister, Jeremey Jannene, and Scott Offord all showing and telling us something about WordPress. What do these people do? They write books about WordPress, design (and sell) WordPress templates, build businesses using WordPress, and there may even be some SEO talk in there as well.

Two hours. Five people. One topic. WordPress.

Come join us!

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